Who We Are

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Our brothers and sisters toiling at El Super markets have the unqualified backing of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) and its affiliates in this important struggle. They have our full backing and commitment for as long as it takes to ensure that El Super workers enjoy better working conditions and a voice on the job.

UFCW is founded on the principal of workers empowering workers to unite and find their voice. We are made up of more than 1.3 million people working primarily in grocery and retail stores, as well as in the food processing and meat packing industries. UFCW members are proud to put food on America’s tables.

UFCW members work in all 50 states, and in Canada, and belong to more than 400 local unions. We’re also the union with the largest percentage of members under the age of 35 and are made up of both full and part-time workers.

If you shop in a grocery store, chances are you’ve been helped by a UFCW member or purchased products made in one of the plants we work in.

UFCW members are:
• ADVOCATES for grocery, retail, meat packing, and food processing workers;
• COLLECTIVE VOICE for working people and the middle class;
• UNION of worker-activists fighting for social and economic justice, and the American Dream

Participating UFCW Unions

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